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New Homes For Sale

Due to increased demand, the Northern Community Residential Village is expanding. Only 63 home allotments have been released and they are selling fast.

The new homes make our village the most design-forward residential village in the state. Each home incorporates elements of Universal Housing Design. This means that your new home will cater for your needs now, and in the future. If your mobility changes as you age, you won’t have to refit or redesign your home to meet your needs.

17 designs, fully customisable

The new development includes 17 base home designs. But you don’t have to buy them just the way they are.

Each home interior can be complete customised to suit your needs. No matter what changes you’d like to make, we can make it happen. This includes changes to the floor plans.

When you buy a new home at the Northern Community Residential Village, you can truly make it the home you’ve always wanted.

Full ‘turn key’ package

All new homes in the Northern Community Residential village are complete before you move in. This includes:

  • All your requested design adjustments
  • 9 ft ceilings as standard
  • Landscaping and fences
  • Driveways and paths
  • Interior design
  • Water and electricity connections
  • Quality kitchen appliances
  • and more.

As part of the Northern Community Residential Village’s commitment to sustainable housing, all houses are energy rated to 6-stars. We collect rainwater and plumb it to the toilets. Additionally, stormwater is collected on-site and used to irrigate the village’s extensive landscape.

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Engineered for longevity

When you buy a new home, you want to make sure that it is built to high quality standards. At the Northern Community Residential Village, we take quality very seriously. Every element of each new home has been engineered for quality and longevity, and exceed construction standards.

Universal housing design helps you age gracefully

The universal housing design elements in each new home allow you to age gracefully. They include:

  • lever handles on doors
  • ovens at standing height
  • no small ledges or lowered floors in wet areas
  • powerpoints and switches at hip height
  • other age-appropriate fixtures and fittings.

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